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职位:客户服务中心经理Delighted To Serve Manager(已停止招聘)
  • 职位性质:全职
  • 工作地区:天津市塘沽区
  • 招聘人数:1人
  • 学  历:本科
  • 工作经验:5年以上
  • 所 在 地:不限
  • 户 籍 地:不限
  • 提供食宿:提供
  • 年龄要求:不限
  • 计算机能力:精通
  • 语言要求:英语(精通)
  • 国际联号工作经历:优先
  • 薪资待遇:面议
  • 职位有效期:2018-08-01至2018-10-30

The overall organization as well as the operation of the Delighted To Serve department. To provide leadership and direction for the department; responsibilities include training, motivating and managing the DTS staff and keeping guest hospitality as the number one focus. Ensure that each associate has sufficient resources to perform his or her job well, and constantly seek to improve the methods to meet the guests’ needs. Be able to manage all daily operational tasks in an efficient and regular manner. Coordinate the shift operations in accordance to the corporate and local standard operating procedure (LSOP), emphasizing on guest hospitality and directing associates to work together as team, presenting themselves as a professional, proactive and well-informed Guest Service Associates. Ensuring that all systems are functioning including FCS Call Accounting, OPERA/ FCS Interface, Fidelio, Micros and Windows. Ensure that all outstanding guest or operational issues are resolved in a timely and professional way. Well versed in Front Office operations, telephone systems, Micros, Food & Beverage Systems. Maintaining a good relationship with other departments especially Housekeeping, Front Office, Engineering, Room Service and Kitchen.

 全面组织领导乐意为您服务热线的日常运作并对部门进行整体领导及方向性指导,职责包括对部门员工进行培训、激励、领导并把客人满意作为首要目的,确保部门员工有足够的资源提供对客服务并不断寻求改进方法来满足客人不同需求。能够有效及时地完成日常工作,根据集团、本地运作标准协调部门运作,强调对客礼貌礼仪并引导员工的团队合作精神,使之成为专业、积极、知识信息完全的队伍,确保所有设备保持良好状态,包括:FCS 记录系统, OPERA酒店管理和记录系统平台,Fidelio, Micro and Windows, 确保所有客人和其他未解决事宜能够得到及时专业的处理,特别是管家部、前台、工程部、送餐服务部及厨房。

  • Practice R-Way Service; set an example to be followed.

    实践R-Way服务, 以身作则。

  • Be prepared for each daily activity and review any variations with manager and staff.


  • Work shift are covered with adequate staffing level; ensure correct staffing during peak periods and during high occupancy.


  • Ensure all associates are aware of role and responsibilities and operate within their guidelines.


  • Communicate daily with the Front Office Manager and MOD to assure consistency and pass-on of pertinent information.


  • Able to perform the role of MOD in the event the need rises.


  • Consistently document variations in associate’s performance, and provide counseling in such cases.


  • Report to work on time with proper uniform, including nametag. Personal appearance must comply with the standard of the hotel.


  • Ensure department cleanliness is maintained at all times.


  • Each associate is expected to carry out all reasonable requests by management, which the associate is capable of performing.


  • Maintain close control and inventory of uniforms, supplies (i.e. towel, linens, etc.), guest loan items and equipment on hand.


  • Perform Daily Taste Panels and keep record.


  • Prepare and post weekly schedules in accordance to guest needs and staff availability.


  • Conduct frequent hospitality audits to ensure the staffs are conducting themselves in the manner appropriate for the department. Ensure Service Excellence Standards are in place.


  • Maintain a good working relationship with the staff and other departments.


  • Constantly stress to the staff that they are the most effective tools in merchandising the hotel. Establish a scripting for the staff to use when assisting guests.

    一贯强调员工是酒店宣传的重要工具。 建立一套手册以便员工协助客人之用。

  • Ensure all guests experiencing a problem receive an appropriate response, any promised compensations is delivered and all guests receive appropriate follow up in a timely and professional manner by using the LEARN process.


  • Able to supervise and to handle any associate situation.


  • Provides Senior Executive management with daily summaries of guest incidents, problem resolution and follow up.


  • Ensure all associates are safety conscious and trained in work safe practices.


  • Implement proper training program and control the training of the staff to top efficiency and in accordance with Marriott policies.


  • Provide job descriptions and updated training manual.


  • Have thorough knowledge of hotel fire regulations and policy, accident reports, safety programs, and what the direct duties are in relation to each. Ensure that all associates are properly trained in these procedures.


  • Have accurate and complete guest assistance information available regarding events taking place in town, restaurants, athletic events, etc.


  • Facilitate departmental training modules. Continually monitor, evaluate and revise training content to reflect changes in the process and address the needs identified by associates and your manager.


  • Follow up regularly with Department Heads regarding the DTS process and the performance of their department responsibilities along with the department’s function.


  • Ensure all guest incident forms and logs are completely filled out and maintained. If computer tracking is used, monitor this recording also.  Have the capability to analyze statistics.

    确保所有突发事件表格填写完整并良好保存。 如果用电脑监督亦如此。 由分析数据的能力。

  • Properly handle all administrative work with regards to performance appraisals and terminations of staff.


  • Route associate commendations received from guests to the person responsible for assembling the daily communication packet.


  • Ensure all support areas are functioning correctly and communicate with staff.


  • Establish goals and objectives to improve the department.


  • Be responsible for the ensuring that guest or operational issues are passed on to the centralized Guest Response area and are updated in all necessary Guest History databases.


  • Attend training sessions and meetings as required


  • Conduct the daily 15 minute training session on various task breakdowns/ service sequence/ LSOP of their respective sub-areas in Front Office. This is to be practiced on all the 365/ 366 days in a year.

    对前厅部小部门的不同的任务或服务顺序,本地操作标准进行15 分钟培训。一年365/366天均如此。

  • Responsible for insuring that all associates receive there stipulated training and are competent in handing the job. Must train and motivate associates.


  • Is responsible for maintaining open and productive channels of communication within the department and ensuring the smooth flow of information.


  • Receive, handle and relaying of messages, mail, voice mail and faxes in an efficient, timely manner as per hotel policy.


  • Conducting daily systems and telephone checks.


  • Ensuring all guest requests for wake up calls are met on time and efficiently.

  • 确保所有的客人叫醒电话及时有效。

  • Encourages, develops and suggests new methods and ideas to further enhance guest service and departmental objectives. 


  • Always be professional and ethical in dealing with guest, associates, vendors and other departments.


  • To perform any other duties as assigned by the Management.


  • Maintain safety by adhering to stated safety policies, responsible to report all accidents immediately. Support all safety programs. Proceed with caution when walking on slippery floors and in congested areas. Ensure that proper safety instruction is given before operating any equipment.




  • High sense of urgency, strong guest focus and good organizational skills.


  • 2-3 years of work experience as a DTS agent or a year experience as Lead GSA responsible for Delighted To Serve.


  • Well versed in Front Office Operations, PMS- Fidelio, Micros, Telephone Operations, equipment, programming and installation, FSC Call accounting, Fidelio/FCS Interface, Switchboard.          


  • Must have a good command over verbal and written Mandarin and English language. A basic knowledge on any foreign language would be an advantage.


  • University graduate Hotel Management/ Hotel School Diploma.