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职位:Operation Accountant运营会计师(已停止招聘)
  • 职位性质:全职
  • 工作地区:天津市塘沽区
  • 招聘人数:1人
  • 学  历:本科
  • 工作经验:3年以上
  • 所 在 地:不限
  • 户 籍 地:不限
  • 提供食宿:提供
  • 年龄要求:不限
  • 计算机能力:精通
  • 语言要求:英语(流利)中国普通话(精通)
  • 性别要求:不限
  • 婚姻状况:不限
  • 国际联号工作经历:不限
  • 薪资待遇:面议
  • 职位有效期:2018-05-10至2018-08-08

To ensure that all accounting transactions covering various activities of the hotel are fully, accurately and properly recorded in accordance with Marriott policies, local regulations and general accounting principles.


  1. To ascertain all disbursements and claims are supported by necessary documents and processed timely.


  2. To assist the Assistant Controller to check the General Cashier Daily Report ensuring that the daily cash receipts are deposited in time.


  3. To ensure that all accounting entries are properly recorded.


  4. To coordinate with all department heads for the preparation and submission of periodic reports, schedules and analyses to Accounting Department for consolidation.


  5. To ensure all sub-ledgers agree with the general ledger.


  6. To ensure all provisions, accruals and adjustments are accounted for and correctly posted to the General Ledger system.


  7. To check all accounting journals prepared by individual.


  8. To assist the Assistant Controller in all stages leading to the preparation of all monthly financial statements, reports, supporting schedules and analyses.


  9. To review all accounting data, ratio, cost percentage, aging, turnover rate etc. and bring to the attention of Assistant Controller for abnormalities.

    检查所有会计数据, 比率, 成本比率, 帐龄, 周转率, 并在重大差异方面提请副总监注意

  10. To assist in the preparation and submission of Returns and Reports to government authorities, owner, Regional Office, Corporate Office and for internal distribution.

    协助准备和送达税务申报报告给政府部门,业主, 区域办公室, 和内部相关部门

  11. To prepare bank reconciliation statements for all bank accounts.


  12. To assist in the compilation of various budgets, forecasts and business plan.


  13. To assist in implementing and streamlining the internal control procedures covering all activities of the hotel.


  14. To ensure that all accounting records, including books, journals, invoices and computer records are properly filed for future reference and audit.

    确保所有会计记录,包括帐本, 凭证, 发票, 和电脑记录合理存档以备将来查询和审计

  15. To supervise all accounting supervisors and clerks.


  16. To assist in the training of accounting personnel as part of the effort to build an efficient team and to take an active interest in their individual development.


  17. To be thoroughly familiar with the duties and responsibilities of all the accounting supervisors and clerks and is able to train them up to the standards required.


  18. To attend operation meetings and financial meeting whenever required.


  19. Others

    To respond to the changes in department functions as dictated by the industry, the company or the hotel.

    To provide courteous and professional service and to maintain good working relationship with all hotel associates.

    To have a complete understanding of the hotel policies relating to fire, safety and hygiene.

    To carry out any other duties and responsibilities as assigned.

职位要求 :

  • Thorough knowledge in accounting principles and procedures.

  • 熟知会计知识,全民了解会计原则及程序

  • Thorough knowledge in designing financial control systems and analysing financial information

  • 熟练使用财务操作系统分析财务信息

  • Ability to prepare and analyse financial reports or operating statements and comment accordingly

  • 具有准备分析财务报告或相应报告的能力

  • Knowledge in relevant hotel policies

  • 熟知酒店相关政策信息

  • Ability to liaise with other department personnel

  • 具有与其他部门人员沟通的能力

  • Ability to liaise with debtors

  • 具有与债务人联系的能力

  • Ability to provide directions, train subordinates and evaluate their performance

  • 能够给下属指明发展方向,培训下属,评估他们的表现

  • Ability to provide reference to associates and resolve problem referred

  • 具有为同事提供参考,解决问题的能力

  • Ability to liaise with and provide guidance and advice to other department as required


  • Good spoken, written and reading ability in English


  • College or business school training

  • 大学本科毕业

  • Finalist of major accounting body


  • Certificate to work in Accounting Dept