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The name ‘CINKER’ originates from combining the words 'CINEMA’ and ‘MAKER' for a compound word that references both cinema and the art of creation. Its name in Chinese 'San Ke' (three grams), extremely light-weight, reflects the founder's outlook for CINKER to differentiate from the fixed impression of conventional cinemas (often massive and cumbersome), and instead to provide an exquisite movie-going experience with flexible, diversified and high-quality service offerings. Each location will offer a selection of creative cuisine, drinks, and social spaces.




CINKER PICTURES, the flagship brand, introduces a multi-dimensional customer experience. Different from a traditional cinema, each CINKER location will include an array of experiential options: DINING for lunch, snacks or dinner; NIGHTLIFE drinks and evening socializing; CINEMA screening rooms for new and classic films. A visit to CINKER will likely include enjoying more than one menu and more than one ambiance.




While the sensory technology of cinema has evolved, the movie-going hospitality experience has not (with many generic venues offering un-interesting concession snacks served by automated staff or machines). The brand experience at each CINKER PICTURES seeks to reclaim the glamour and charm from the early days of motion pictures, when going to the cinema was a special occasion. To innovate on that theme, each screening room is outfitted with soft-leather lounge chairs, gourmet food and drink selections, and full-service hospitality team.




Naturally suited for China’s most cosmopolitan urban centers, CINKER PICTURES SHANGHAI will set the tone for a new style of gracious hospitality, with ever-changing opportunities for intersectional events that pair cinema, music, cuisine, cocktails and wines. The food offerings have been specially designed by award winning chef UGO RINALDO, featuring seasonally inspired cuisine customized for each ambiance: the cinema, the dining room, or the outdoor terrace. Guests can choose from a global wine collection, or they can SELECT FROM cocktails menu which incorporates celluloid themed libations according to the screening calendar. CINKER PICTURES SHANGHAI provides a social setting to connect diverse urbanites with varied needs: for colleagues seeking a business lunch, for lovebirds on a romantic date, for families needing a weekend brunch, for trend sters watching a blockbuster over cocktails, or for sophisticates to discuss an avant-garde film series over a bottle of wine.

作为中国最国际化的都市中心,上海三克映画将重新定义餐饮及影院的呈现形式和服务基调,同时也为电影、音乐、美食、鸡尾酒和葡萄酒等的跨界交融活动提供多样性的机会。特色美食由曾获得国际厨艺大奖的厨师UGO RINALDO亲自设计主理,为每一种不同氛围量身定制: 无论是影院、餐厅或室外露台。客人可以从三克的全球化葡萄酒酒柜中选择偏爱的葡萄酒,也可以从投射出在银幕上结合黑胶影片主题的鸡尾酒单中选择期待的饮品。可以选择以电影为主题的酒。上海三克试图打造一个多功能空间,着重满足不同都市人群的不同需求: 都市白领们的商务午餐, 情侣的浪漫约会, 家人们周末聚会, 小酌鸡尾酒看大片, 亦或是老于世故的人, 品鉴着葡萄酒讨论经典先锋派的古老影片。


Located in the heart of Shanghai’s Jingan District, in the burgeoning new Taikoohui shopping complex, CINKER PICTURES SHANGHAI is situated steps from the city’s newest business and commerce epicenter, a destination for luxury hotel accommodation with excellent access to public transportation. The venue will reflect the unique character of its city and the neighborhood’s energetic surroundings. Each visitor will experience cinema culture, gastronomy, and mixology with new eyes and higher expectations.




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招聘职位 (共20个)

  • 3001-4000 食宿:提供 经验:2年以上 地区:北京市
  • 6001-8000 食宿:提供 经验:5年以上 地区:北京市
  • 4001-5000 食宿:提供 经验:2年以上 地区:北京市
  • 面议 食宿:提供 经验:2年以上 地区:上海市
  • 3001-4000 食宿:提供 经验:2年以上 地区:北京市
  • 面议 食宿:提供 经验:2年以上 地区:上海市
  • 5001-6000 食宿:提供 经验:2年以上 地区:上海市
  • 4001-5000 食宿:提供 经验:不限 地区:上海市
  • 6001-8000 食宿:提供 经验:2年以上 地区:上海市
  • 6001-8000 食宿:提供 经验:2年以上 地区:上海市
  • 4001-5000 食宿:提供 经验:1年以上 地区:北京市
  • 3001-4000 食宿:提供 经验:不限 地区:北京市
  • 5001-6000 食宿:提供 经验:1年以上 地区:上海市 静安区
  • 4001-5000 食宿:提供 经验:不限 地区:上海市
  • 4001-5000 食宿:提供 经验:2年以上 地区:北京市 朝阳区
  • 4001-5000 食宿:提供 经验:1年以上 地区:上海市
  • 4001-5000 食宿:提供 经验:1年以上 地区:上海市
  • 3001-4000 食宿:提供 经验:不限 地区:上海市
  • 6001-8000 食宿:不提供 经验:2年以上 地区:北京市
  • 10001-15000 食宿:不提供 经验:5年以上 地区:北京市


  • 所属行业:餐饮业
  • 企业性质:私营.民营企业
  • 联 系 人:贾小姐
  • 联系方式:010-85322348-8011
  • 邮  箱
  • 企业地址:北京朝阳区三里屯太古里北区N4-40B


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