职位:Director of Finance & Business Support (Owner) 酒店业主财务总监

  • 职位性质:全职
  • 工作地区:广东省广州市
  • 招聘人数:若干
  • 学  历:本科
  • 工作经验:不限
  • 所 在 地:不限
  • 户 籍 地:不限
  • 提供食宿:提供食宿
  • 年龄要求:不限
  • 计算机能力:熟练
  • 语言要求:英语(良好)中国普通话(熟练)
  • 国际联号工作经历:优先
  • 薪资待遇:2万-3万
  • 职位有效期:2020-10-21至2021-01-19



Job Summary职责概述

Coordinate the hotel the financial management work synthetically , on behalf of the owner side,assist the hotel General Manager and DOFBS in the financial management of the hotel, as well as follow up and supervise the completion of the various financial indicators according to owner request.


Essential Duties and Responsibilities主要职责和责任

1. On behalf of the owner party’s benefit to be the hotel DOFBS(Owner’s ), coordinate the? pre-opening preparatory work ?and the financial management work, as well as follow up and supervise the completion of the various financial indicators according to owner request and make recommendations to the hotel management..


2. Coordinate and supervise the hotel financial accounting procedures, control the financial revenues and expenditures of various departments, review their annual financial plan, annual reports and statistics, audit and control the purchase plan of fixed assets, and low value assets , ensure the supply of funds as well as carry out the financial management measures, and the financial training.


3. Check the hotel management budget, and give the professional advice according to owner’s requirement;


4. Provide the effective suggestions for the management about the relevant laws and regulations, insurance, tax, auditing, and banking, etc;


5. Monitor and evaluate the hotel's annual budget, meanwhile keep the real-time coordination with the hotel, promote the realization of the management goal, maximize economic beneficial effect to speed up the return on investment;


6. Within the scope of business,carry on the effective management of working capital and the company's cash flow through a high level of financial control to protect company's assets;


7. Guide the financial management, accounting, accounting supervision work of hotel ;


8. Guide the financial management of the hotel rules and regulations, supervise and inspect of the hotel financial operations and the balance of the funds, as well as help to establish and improve the internal financial management and monitoring mechanisms;


9. Put forward to the auditing opinions before the large hotel economic business decisions,such as loan guarantees and other major economic transaction and operational matters , and make inspection and supervision of the decision-making and implementation procedures ;


10. Audit the important external financial statements and reports;


11. Responsible for the Liaison work between fiscal, taxation, banking, and insurance department.


12. Perform any other duties or responsibilities as required by Company.



1. Required Skills / Certificate 技能 / 证书

2. Computer Skill: Skillful to operate Office电脑操作技巧: 熟练使用MS办公软件

3. English Language Level: Fluent in English spoken and written is preferred 英语水平:口语与书写流利为佳

Qualifications 资格

1. Team Focused 关注团队:

Support colleagues 给予同事支持

Explain what to do and the reason 阐述工作任务及其原因

2. Action Oriented 行动导向

Strives to deliver consistently 力争始终如一的完成工作

Focus on details and standards 关注个人工作的细节和标准

3. Passionate工作热情

Understand guests’demand and the market 理解客户的需求和市场

Create a positive environment for changing 为变革创造一个积极的环境

4. Business skills 业务技能

Understand the short-term opportunities of reform 了解短期的变革机会

Understand the profit model 了解企业如何盈利

Experience 经历要求

1. Bachelor degree in financial management and the related majors;


2. Have 8 years working experience in hotel accounting or finance, with 5 years experience in same position of?financial management, and if an financial management working experience in the international brand hotel is preferred;


3. Familiar with the accounting software ,office software,and the international hotel financial information management system;


4. Fluent in oral English, and communicate with the foreign management with no barrier;


5. Proficient in the financial management knowledge of financial budget, analysis , familiar with the dynamic and?development trend of the hotel industry , as well as have the knowledge and practice of the modern hotel financial management system ;


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