职位:Restaurant Hostess 餐厅领位

  • 职位性质:全职
  • 工作地区:上海市
  • 招聘人数:若干
  • 学  历:不限
  • 工作经验:不限
  • 所 在 地:不限
  • 户 籍 地:不限
  • 提供食宿:不限
  • 年龄要求:不限
  • 计算机能力:不限
  • 语言要求:不限
  • 国际联号工作经历:不限
  • 薪资待遇:5千-6千
  • 职位有效期:2020-06-04至2020-07-04


JOB SUMMARY  岗位描述         

To perform as the ambassador of the outlet, while handling all seating  and arrangement of guest reservations.  作为部门形象大使,负责客人预订以及座位的安排         


Customer and Colleague Experience  宾客服务  

 Handles all  guest and internal customer complaints and inquiries in a courteous and  efficient manner, following through to make sure problems are resolved  satisfactorily.


Maintains  positive guest and colleague interactions with good working relationships.  与客人建立并保持良好的客户关系。  

Deliver high  quality service to guests  向客人传递高水平服务  ·Ensure guest  needs and reasonable requests are met  确保客人的需求和合理要求被满足  ·            

Seek  opportunities to continually improve guest service  不断寻找机会发展对客服务  ·            

Report any  guest feedback to the supervisor on duty  汇报客人意见及反馈  ·          

Establish and  maintain effective guest relations   建立并维持有效的对客关系  ·          

 To remember and  address guests by their names.   尽力记住客人的姓名并以姓氏称呼  ·          

 Know and  recognize regular guests and their needs  了解长住和常来客人的习惯  ·            

Demonstrate  effective and appropriate interaction with guests whilst maintaining a  professional approach and image  以职业化的形象和态度实施有效的和合适的对客影响  ·            

Communication  with guests in a manner which promotes goodwill, trust and satisfaction  以能够促进友好、信任和满意的态度与客人交流  ·            

Take  appropriate action to resolve guest complaints  采取合适的行动解决客人的抱怨  ·            

To be empowered  to handle special requests and complaints from outlet guests  有承担起上级授予的处理客人特殊要求投诉的能力  Wear  appropriate uniforms for the area, as supplied by the hotel.  在工作区域确保制服整洁、大方  ·        

 Greet  and seat guest  向客人问候并安排为其安排座位  ·          Remember  guest’s names and address them by their surname.  记住客人姓名并称呼客人姓名  ·          

Bidding farewell to the guest as they leave  欢送客人  ·          Explanation of required waiting periods to the guest  向客人解释等候时间  ·          

Obtain and  record Feedback from guests regularly  获得并记录客人反馈意见  ·          

Maintains a  comprehensive set of guest history records.  记录客人档案  ·          

Have a thorough  knowledge and understanding of all Food and Beverage items in the menu and  the ability to recommend Food and Beverage combinations and up sell  alternatives.   对所有的在菜单上餐饮有透彻的认识和了解并有能力去推荐食品和饮料。  

 Assist in  preparing Outlet for Service  协助餐厅服务的准备工作  

Ensure that the  work area is clean at all the times  确保任何时间工作区域整洁  ·          

Clean outlet  equipment  清洁餐厅设施  ·          

Answer the  phone as per the standard Phone answering procedures  标准接听电话  ·          

Care for the  menu and drink List  保存菜牌、酒水牌  ·         Complete and  maintain reservations in system  填写和录入预订系统  ·          

Take and record  reservations  接收和记录预订  ·          

Record and pass  information  记录和传达信息     Other Duties  其他  ·        

Ensures high  standards of personal presentation and grooming.  确保保持高标准的个人形象和仪容仪表。  ·         Responds to  changes in the Food & Beverage function as dictated by the industry,  company and hotel.  随着行业、公司和酒店的变化,对人力资源的职能做出相应调整。  ·          

Reads the  hotel's Associate Handbook and has an understanding of and adheres to the  hotel's rules and regulations and in  particular, the policies and procedures relating to fire, hygiene, health and  safety.   熟知酒店的员工手册并且理解酒店的规章制度,尤其是有关火灾,卫生,健康,与安全的政策和程序。  ·          Attends  training sessions and meetings as and when required.  参加必要的培训和例会。  ·        

Carries out any  other reasonable duties and responsibilities as assigned.   完成其他合理分配的职责和任务。            


High expectation of appearance standard for Grooming,  hair and make up  高标准的仪容、发型,化妆和外观  ·        

Oral and written fluency in English.   熟练的英语口语及书面表达能力  ·          

Computer operation and familiarity with some software packages and table  management including Spreadsheet programs.  精通计算机程序、熟知软件,餐厅餐桌管理及电子表格系统