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§  确保厨务部的各项活动与酒店的战略保持一致,同时充分落实酒店的指示。

Assists to ensure that culinary activities are aligned with the respective Corporate Strategy, and that the Hotel Actions have been implemented where appropriate.

§  监督各个部门的操作手册的准备和更新工作。 

Assists in the preparation and updates of individual Departmental Operations Manuals.

§  组织部门的例会,保证酒店内部信息的有效沟通。

Assists to conduct regular communications meetings and ensure that departmental briefings and meetings are effective and conducted as necessary.



Customer Service

§  确保厨务部所有员工时刻提供给客人如酒店承诺的服务。

Provides a courteous and professional service at all times.

Customer Service (continued)

§  对酒店其他部门的同事也就是我们酒店的内部客人也要保证始终如一的高品质服务。

Ensures that associates also provide excellent service to internal customers in other departments as appropriate.

§  提供及时、有效而个人化的服务,确保达到专业、高品质的工作水准。遇到不能解决的问题时,迅速汇报,确保高效的服务。

Handles guest and associate enquiries in a courteous and efficient manner, reporting complaints or problems if no immediate solution can be found, whilst providing a prompt follow-up.

§  与同事保证良好的沟通和和睦的人际关系。

Maintains positive guest and colleague interactions with good working relationships.




§  利用工作轮换,丰富员工的工作内容等方法来提高工作效率和积极性。为客人提供最高品质的服务为酒店吸引更多的客人。

Maximises associate productivity through the use of multi-skilling, multi-tasking and flexible scheduling to meet the financial goals of the business as well as the expectations of the guests.

§  多多关注食品质量的改良,根据指导手册谨慎安排员工的薪资,并且尽量高效的使用设备以节约能源。

Focuses attention on improving productivity levels and the need to prudently manage utility/payroll costs within acceptable guidelines ensuring optimum deployment and energy efficiency of all equipment.

§  更新技术,提高生产效率。

Ensures new technology and equipment are embraced, improving productivity whilst taking work out of the system.




§  通过对菜谱的创新,提高餐厅的营业额。

Continuously seeks ways to assist the Outlet management to maximise their revenues and profits through innovative recipes.




§  全面落实酒店餐饮部的各项标准。

Ensures that all company minimum brand standards have been implemented.

§  多在厨房里协调员工和客人/员工和其他部门同事的关系, 同时协助主厨培训下属员工。

Work closely with other associates in a supportive and flexible manner, focusing on the overall success of the hotel and the satisfaction of hotel guests.

§  尽量购买当地的原材料保证新鲜;保证菜单的精而清,勤换菜单为客人提供丰富的选择。

Buys locally available fresh products wherever possible and has limited menus which are changed frequently to ensure the guest is always offered a variety of food items.

§  参与菜单的编写,剩余原材料的利用,估计就餐的人数,市场条件等等。

Participates in planning menus and utilisation of food surpluses and leftovers, taking into account probable number of guests, market conditions, and popularity of various dishes and frequency of menu

§  重温菜单,分析菜谱,根据原材料,劳力和固定成本制定菜肴价格。

Reviews menus, analyses recipes, determines food, labour, overhead costs and assigns prices to menu items.

§  严格执行原材料分摊制度,控制成本。

Directs food apportionment policy to control costs.

§  新产品的推出应以价格和产品本身为导向。

Introduces and tests the market with new products which are market-orientated in terms of price and product.

§  坚持食品既卖即做的理念。

Serves fresh food to the guests which is prepared a la minute, is consistent in quality, and which reflects the style of the outlet concept.

§  监督菜肴的烹制保证,传授给员工的正确的工作方法,提高工作效率。

Supervises cooking and other kitchen personnel and co-ordinates their assignments to ensure economical and timely food production.

§  监督原材料的准备、烹制、配置和菜肴的装饰保证菜肴符合菜谱的标准。

Observes methods of food preparation and cooking, sizes of portions, and garnishing of foods to ensure food is prepared in prescribed manner.

§  上菜前要试菜。

Tests cooked foods before plate-up and service.

§  估计原材料的需求量。

Estimates food consumption and purchases or requisitions of foodstuffs and kitchen supplies.

§  对菜肴进行创新对菜谱进行完善。

Devises special dishes and develops innovative recipes.

§  制定并严格执行厨房的食品营养和卫生标准。

Establishes and enforces nutrition and sanitation standards for outlet kitchen.

§  鼓励员工支持餐饮部的促销活动。

Encourages the team to be supportive of Food and Beverage Division’s marketing and up-selling activities.

§  积极响应客人的合理建议,并尽快改善。

Responds to the results of the Consumer Audit and ensures that the relevant changes are implemented.




§  协助录用餐饮部的员工。保证所有的部门领导的录用依照酒店的职能标准。

Assists in the recruitment and selection of all Outlet associates as appropriate.  Adheres to hotel guidelines when recruiting and uses a competency-based approach to selecting associates.

§  通过以身作则的管理方法,确保每个员工的工作都符合酒店的政策和标准。

Through hands-on management, closely supervises the Kitchen associates in the performance of their duties and ensures this is in accordance with policies & procedures and applicable laws.

§  监督餐饮部所有员工的出勤情况,保证部门内所有员工的,着装,仪表和个人卫生符合酒店的标准。

Assists to oversee the punctuality and appearance of all Kitchen associates, making sure that they wear the correct uniform and maintain a high standard of personal appearance and hygiene, according to the hotel and department’s grooming standards.

§  为员工安培适当的培训,或通过工作轮换的方法来锻炼员工。时刻给员工灌输安全操作方法。

Delegates appropriately, duties and responsibilities to equipped and resourced associates, nurturing and developing them whilst ensuring standards of operation and safety are maintained.

§  给部门的员工安排适当的技能培训,提高生产效率。

Develops the skills and effectiveness of all Kitchen associates through the appropriate training, coaching, and/or mentoring.

§  与酒店培训部经理和部门培训员配合,保证各个培训课程的顺利完成。

Ensures effective training programmes for associates in coordination with the Training Manager and their Departmental Trainers.

§  激励员工的创新意识,并且对他们的创新和对部门的贡献给予肯定。

Encourages associates to be creative and innovative, challenging and recognising them for their contribution to the success of the operation.

§  组织年度工作评估总结每个部门领导的进步,并在专业技能发展上给予支持。同时在各个部门中也组织工作评估,使每个员工都得到肯定和建议。

Assists to conduct annual Performance Development Discussions with associates and support them in their professional development goals.

§  支持凯悦酒店人本品牌的落实。坚持贯彻酒店的核心理念文化和特色。

Supports the implementation of The People Brand, demonstrating and reinforcing Hyatt’s Values and Culture Characteristics.

§  保证所有的员工熟悉我们的员工守则和规定。

Ensures that associates have a complete understanding of and adhere to associate rules and regulations. 

§  了解关于员工及行业关系的法律、法规,理解并严格遵守员工手册中的规章制度,及酒店关于防火、卫生、健康和安全的制度。

Ensures that associates follow all hotel, company and local rules, policies and regulations relating to fire and hazard safety, and security.



Other Duties

§  熟悉行业内的相关规定和员工法规。

Is knowledgeable in statutory legislation in associate and industrial relations.

§  熟悉并严格遵守员工手册中的规章制度,及酒店关于防火、卫生、健康和安全的制度。

Understands and strictly adheres to Rules and Regulations established in the Associate Handbook and the Hotel’s policies concerning fire, hygiene and health and safety.

§  保证高标准的个人仪表。

Ensures high standards of personal presentation and grooming.

§  与竞争酒店,商业伙伴和其他的组织建立和维持稳固的,专业的关系。

Maintains strong, professional relationship with the relevant representatives from competitor hotels, business partners and other organisations.

§  根据酒店、行业和公司的指引,回应需求、改变,执行任何合理的任务及额外职责。

Responds to changes in the Food and Beverage function as dictated by the industry, company and hotel.

§  根据安排出席酒店和部门的培训以提高技能和知识。

Attends training sessions and meetings as and when required.

§  严格执行额外的合理的任务和职责。

Carries out any other reasonable duties and responsibilities as assigned.

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