前台接待 Resort Host
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前台接待 Resort Host
西双版纳-勐海 | 经验不限 | 大专 | 招2人

Primary Responsibilities主要职责

·To greet guests on arrival at the hotel and conduct check-in and registration procedures.

·To check villas prior to guests check-in to ensure they are clean, properly equipped and in a high standard of maintenance.

·To handle guest complaints, inquiries, and comments, log them and initiate appropriate action and follow up.

·To maintain an up to date files and information on tours, sightseeing and points of general interest and make the necessary bookings when requested.

·To handle inquiries by providing appropriate information.

·To handle inquiries by providing appropriate information.

·To conduct inspections of the public areas of the main lobby ensuring a high standard of cleanliness and maintenance and initiating appropriate action where necessary.

·To ensure that guests expectations are met or exceeded by providing an efficient, friendly and attentive service.

·To conduct hotel site inspections when directed.

·To update teleguides in the hotel computer system (Opera).

·To assist Telephone Operator to handle the hotel wake up systems.

·To take and forward messages accurately and in a timely manner.

·Handles customer complaints if possible, or reports them to supervisors.

·Ensure the Supervisor is informed of any malfunction of equipment in the Operator room.

·To upsell all hotel, spa and gallery facilities.

·To entertain guests as and when appropriate.

·To ensure that guest check out arrangements are in order, abide to the cashiering policies & standards, and to bid the guests farewell.

·To assist Telephone Operator when required.

·To carry out administrative requirements as directed.




















Knowledge and Experience知识和经验

·Excellent English language skills

·Good customer relations skills

·Positive outgoing personality




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  • 酒店业--国际高端酒店/5星级
  • 100-499人
  • 中外合营(合资.合作)
About Banyan Tree Group关于悦榕酒店和度假村Banyan Tree Group is a leading international operator and developer of premium resorts, hotels, residences and spas, with more than 40 hotels and resorts, 60 spas, 70 retail galleries, and three golf courses in 25 countries. Banyan Tree China has 18 resorts in 17 cities in China.悦榕集团是顶尖度假村、酒店及 Spa 的跨国营运开发商。目前于 25 个国家拥有超过40 家酒店及度假村、60 间 Spa、70 间精品店及三座高尔夫球场。悦榕中国旗下目前于中国17个城市拥有18家酒店。 The Group’s primary business is centered on four brands: the award-winning Banyan Tree and Angsana, as well as newly established Cassia and Dhawa. As a leading operator of spas in Asia, Banyan Tree’s spas are one of the key features in their resorts and hotels. Its retail arm Banyan Tree Gallery complements and reinforces the branding of the resort, hotel and spa operations.悦榕集团的核心业务集中于旗下四个品牌:备受赞誉的悦榕庄与悦椿品牌,及新近推出的全新品牌悦梿及悦苑。身为亚洲顶级 Spa 先锋,悦榕 Spa 是我们旗下度假村和酒店的重要特色之一,同时以零售业务为主的悦榕阁也成为度假村、酒店和 Spa 的完美补充。 About Angsana Xishuangbanna关于西双版纳悦椿温泉度假酒店Angsana Xishuangbanna is located in the Horon Monbala International Resort Zone . The exterior designs are of the local Dai stylish construction and the interior are filled with colors and artistic designs. It is an exemplary depiction of the local Dai architecture and modern comforts.西双版纳悦椿温泉度假酒店坐落于风情雨林,柔情傣乡的西双版纳,位于勐海县勐巴拉国际旅游度假区内,酒店外观呈傣式建筑风格,内部装饰配以个性颜色与设计,处处彰显了特色的傣式建筑与现代时尚的完美结合。There are 372 luxurious nice view rooms and villas in hotel, Moreover, the hotel also offers a pillar-less ballroom and two function meeting rooms are also available for use. The professional hotel event team will ensure the success of the meeting with one-stop service.酒店拥有372间豪华舒适的客房和别墅,此外,酒店还配有无柱宴会厅、2间可灵活组合的多功能厅,适宜举办各式商务活动,酒店专业的会议服务团队将为客人提供“一站式”的高品质会议服务。 The hotel has different types of restaurants and diverse food. All of them are high-end and have different characteristics of decoration. Market Place (All Day Dining Restaurant) provides buffet breakfast, colorful and delicious international and local buffet,which is unforgettable. Chun Fen Located on the 2nd floor of FOH building provides you with a unique Chinese cuisine that brings a feast of vision and taste. Water light Provides healthy food, and Asian rice and pasta to nourish your insides. The Lobby Lounge and Tea House offers all day long beverages, tea and coffee, The guests can also find the highest quality Pu'er Tea produced locally in Menghai and Xishuangbanna in the Lobby Lounge.在西双版纳悦椿温泉度假酒店,多间餐厅设计别致,美食选择丰富多样。“食集”全日制餐厅提供自助早餐、色香味俱全的国际及当地美食自助餐,让人流连忘返;“椿风”中餐厅坐落于酒店主楼顶楼,为您提供地道独特的中式料理,带来一场视觉和味觉的盛宴;“水云间”简餐厅提供健康食物及亚洲的米饭和面食来滋养您的五脏六腑;大堂酒廊为来往宾客提供休憩之所并提供各种趣意健康的饮品,各式酒水及甜点,在大堂酒廊您还可以品尝到地道品质上乘的普洱茶。Hotel leisure facilities are available in all varieties, such as the award-winning Angsana Spa, to let guests feel a Sanctuary for the Senses. the Spring Forest By Angsana is a complete hydrothermal experience combining the best of European spa with the essence of Asian wellness philosophy to create a haven of serenity and comfort. With ten different features, each designed to soothe and revitalise different parts of your body, Angsana Spa presents a truly holistic and rejuvenating wellness experience. The Cabana Experience is a signature highlight where guests can enjoy an ultimate wellness journey in the exquisite ambience of the Cabanas, Outdoor hot spring, A total of 20 hot spring pools with five unique thematic zones and one family pool catering to different needs, the hot springs present a holistic and exclusive wellness experience. Therapeutic herbs and teas are infused in the pools to create distinctive concepts for discerning spa lovers.与此同时,酒店娱乐休闲设施也一应俱全。除室内及室外泳池之外,我们还拥有享誉全球的悦椿Spa,定将成为您旅途中完美的感官圣殿,融合了欧式水疗精髓和亚式传统养生哲学中水疗要义的“椿林”给您纯粹的水疗体验,以十种各具特色的水疗与热疗设施体验,让宾客踏上活力健康之旅;精致典雅的御汤苑让您尽情享受温泉和Spa帶来的休闲健康时光;户外温泉泡池,五大独特主题区,二十个户外泡池以及一个户外家庭泡池,每一个都能满足宾客的不同需求,天然温泉水与草本植物相辅相成,让宾客悦享至尚的温泉体验。 
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