Regent Beijing 北京丽晶
We provide you with excellent salary system, comfortable youth apartment, perfect supplementary medical insurance system, professional English training, and rich staff activities, a very broad space to grow up and welcome you to join us! 我们为您提供优越的薪酬福利体系,舒适的青年公寓,完善的补充医疗保险体系,专业的英语培训及丰富的员工活动,非常广阔的成长空间,丽晶/丽亭大家庭欢迎您的加入!
Please take 1 piece of 1 inch picture and ID card to Human Resources(B1) for interview. Routes: Subway line 5 Dengshikou station(C exit), turn right and go down straight around 100 meters. 面试请携带一张一寸彩色照片及身份证原件至酒店地下一层人力资源部处。 乘车路线:地铁5号线灯市口站C口出,右转直行100米即到
Contact person:Ms Mao Address:99 Jinbao 99 Street,Dongcheng ,Distric,Beijing,PRC Tel:+86 (010)85221888-5158 Please send us your CV in Veryeast email system or send Email( to us 联系人:吴女士 地址:北京市东城区金宝街99/97号丽晶/丽亭酒店 联系电话:010-85221888-5157 网站地址: 请通过最佳东方网站投递简历或发送您的简历至