HSE Lead食品安全卫生负责人
发布于 08-11
HSE Lead食品安全卫生负责人
全国 | 5年以上 | 大专

About this role
The HSEQ Lead is responsible for driving safety improvement through execution of
the Compass safety programs and systems and sector initiatives, delivering safety
outcomes through engaged and capable leaders at every level who understand and
manage the safety of their people. The role works collaboratively with the Operations
teams to drive ongoing and sustainable improvement in our safety performance and
culture. The role also leads a team of safety professionals and ambassadors aligned
with the Compass Safety Culture by developing and maintaining a safety leadership
programme and approach across all levels of the business from team members at site
to members of the management team. The role provides specialist technical advice
and coaching resources to the operations and shared services teams to assist them in
developing a culture characterized by care and respect and accountability for
performance. The role, in partnership with line leaders, is instrumental in engaging and
connecting every employee to our safety values.

The great things you’ll do
Reporting to the Executive Chef, you will work as part of the Health, Safety, Quality
and Environment (HSEQ) Team to ensure your team provides an efficient, effective and
consistent service to the local team and users in a health and safety environment. In
this role, you will focus on enhancing the culture of safety for the Food program in
order to support operational excellence and will leverage your strong safety
knowledge and administrative skills to partner with key stakeholders (front of house,
back of house procurement, risk management and people approach) to execute
Compass’ safety quality standards, the client’s expectations and ultimately enhance
user’s experience.

Job description
● Promote and enhance the culture of Food and Workplace Safety at Food+ by
● Develop strategies to drive the overall safety program onsite;
● Maintain the day-to-day HSE operations for Food+ including management of
the safety ambassadors for the business;
● Consult with business teams to work collaboratively to implement best practice
workplace health and safety, food safety and environmental standards and
procedures within the business;
● Work together and coach leadership team to demonstrate positive leadership
behaviors in all areas of HSE and to implement the company HSE practices
programme to improve performance;
● Establish and maintain processes for identifying, assessing, managing and
recording HSE risks and controls and demonstrate competency in current and
emerging threats to HSE including the management of the risk assessment
programme for unit;
● Monitor the performance across the group to understand trends and patterns
for focussed improvement;
● Monitor the effectiveness of HSE critical risk controls and recommend
approaches to process improvement;
● Review and monitor the processes for managing HSE crises and emergencies
across the business;
● Manage and assist in the investigation of incidents to drive a rigorous approach
to root cause identification and close out of corrective actions. For major
incidents lead the investigation process;
● Contribute to ongoing HSE systems improvement which drive improved
understanding and compliance to HSE management tools and procedures;
● Work constructively within the operational, HSE teams and other business
teams as appropriate to accelerate sharing of learnings and solutions;
● Review and assist in the development of generic SOPs/PWIs where appropriate;
● Undertake Behavioural Based Safety Observations to drive risk awareness and
care with employees and leaders, and record using iAuditor process as a
minimum when at site;
● Monitor the implementation and compliance to the HSE programme and
procedures to ensure that there are appropriate and effective mechanisms in
place to eliminate breaches of the HSE programme and to reduce the LTIFR
● Audit compliance to the Compass Group HSE standards and HSE Management
System where appropriate;
● Update and maintain in conjunction with Compass HSE, the legal knowledge
required for business compliance to food safety and security legislations,
standards, codes and practices;
● Any other duties as required from time-to-time.

Job requirements
● Strong passion for HSEQ
● Minimum of 5 years of track record in improving safe operations including a
demonstrated capability in influencing leaders of the business to implement the
company’s HSE standards and procedures down the line
● Demonstrated experience implementing and monitoring HSE programmes in a
multi-service environment
● Detailed knowledge of food safety legislation, standards and codes
● Ability to quickly identify all potential risks (assume worst case scenario in every
situation) and implement mitigation strategy/ find solutions quickly.
● Demonstrated ability to ensure full compliance with HSEQ standards
● Ability to conduct investigations, evaluations, analysis of risk factors and cost.
● Demonstrates good judgment and decision making skills
● Ability to work well in a fast-paced, high volume, changing environment.
● Manages time effectively and prioritizes tasks to meet deadlines
● Excellent communication skills both written and verbal
● Ability to work independently as well as in a team
● Proven ability for people training and development

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