成都领地希尔顿嘉悦里酒店 Canopy Chengdu City Centre

    职位:保安部领班/主管Senior Security Enthusiast

  • 职位性质:全职
  • 工作地区:四川省成都市
  • 招聘人数:1人
  • 学  历:高中
  • 工作经验:3年以上
  • 所 在 地:不限
  • 户 籍 地:不限
  • 提供食宿:不限
  • 年龄要求:不限
  • 计算机能力:不限
  • 语言要求:不限
  • 性别要求:不限
  • 婚姻状况:不限
  • 国际联号工作经历:优先
  • 薪资待遇:3千-4千
  • 职位有效期:2020-09-28至2020-12-27


1.Support the work of  Lead Safe & Security Enthusiast / Assistant Safety & Security Enthusiast. lead Enthusiasttts to protect the lives and property of hotel guests and Enthusiast, and complete various tasks timely.


2.Under the lead of the Assistant Safety & Security Enthusiast, take charge of daily group work, supervise Junior security Enthusiast to complete their work and make duty roster plans. Be familiar with group situation and report the work information to the Assistant Safety&Security Enthusiast in time.

在安全保障副经理的领导下,主持保安班组的日常工作,督导保安人员认真完成分管工作;制定保安组排班计划,掌握本组情况,及时向 安全保障副经理汇报。

3.Supervise each shift security operations, ensuring adequate patrol patterns and frequencies are maintained to ensure the security of guests and Enthusiast.


4.Familiar with and checking hotel fire equipments,fire evacuation passages.


5.Ensure prompt reporting of maintenance issues to Engineering department by security Enthusiast as they record them during their patrols.


6.Familiar with each department work procedures,security knowledge,emergency procedures,ensure each position professional knowledge and work standards.


7.Conduct random bag inspections of Enthusiast  and suppliers/ vendors entering and leaving the building. Ensure asset removal policy is adhered to, to prevent hotel assets being removed from the hotel without the proper authority.


8.Provide escort services for Enthusiast carrying cash, where required.


9.Maintain perimeter patrols at points of entry and egress to ensure that all people within the hotel have a genuine purpose and are not loitering.


10.Strictly and justly examine Enthusiast work knowledge,work discipline,obligation, master each Enthusiast work status.


11.Responsible for shift daily work and Enthusiast attendance record.


12.Convey and carry out department work arrangements and training plan.


13.Conduct random inspections of the hotel to ensure security practices are being followed, Fire exits are not blocked, equipment is not obstructing fire hose reel doors, clearance between stacked goods and sprinkler heads is sufficient.


14.Under the Lead Safety&Security Enthusiast, the supervisors should introduce security and law knowledge to all the Enthusiast and conduct security drills regularly. For the associates who serve our guests directly, the supervisors have to train them on how to prevent fires, thefts, damages and natural disasters.


15.Take appropriate action to resolve guest complaints. Communicate with guests in a manner, which promotes goodwill, trust and satisfaction.


16.Be familiar with current first aid and fire emergency procedures.


17.Ensure the safety of our VIPs and carefully check if their activity areas, rest rooms and guest rooms are safe.


18.Investigate the complaint from guests and make the report


19.Ensure a high level of cleanliness & tidiness is maintained in you’re the work area. Maintain personal presentation standards to hotel and Canopy standards. Demonstrate professional attitude and behavior at all times.


20.Comply with Canopy chengdu city center Enthusiast Handbook and Hotel policies and procedures.


21.Interact with department and hotel Enthusiast in a professional and positive manner to foster good rapport, promote team spirit and ensure effective two-way communication.