职位:Guest Service Manager 宾客关系经理

  • 职位性质:全职
  • 工作地区:安徽省合肥市
  • 招聘人数:2人
  • 学  历:大专
  • 工作经验:3年以上
  • 所 在 地:全国 全国
  • 户 籍 地:全国 全国
  • 提供食宿:提供食宿
  • 年龄要求:不限
  • 计算机能力:良好
  • 语言要求:英语(良好)中国普通话(良好)
  • 国际联号工作经历:优先
  • 薪资待遇:面议
  • 职位有效期:2020-01-14至2020-04-13


Position Summary职位概述


Assist the Manager in administration andmanagement all Front Office operation to ensure profitability, control cost andquality standards to insure total guest satisfaction . To efficientlycoordinate the day to day operation of the Welcome Desk and Guest Relationsdivision and provide leadership at the frontline level.

协助前厅经理管理前厅部运作,包括利润最大化,控制成本和服务质量, 确保顾客满意度,同时有效的协调及领导前台和宾客关系部每日的任务分配和运作。


  1. Communicates effectively both orally and in writingto provide clear direction to team member. Observes performance and encouragesimprovement. Interviews, selects, trains, supervise, evaluates, counsels, andadministers disciplinary procedures for front office team member. Monitorslobby traffic and makes team member doing adjustments as required.


  2. Reviews VIP reservations and ensures properhandling of VIPs and groups, administers amenity orders, and resumes forincoming guests. Updates system by inputting inventory and non-inventorygroups. Monitors special reservation requests handling and oversees ratechanges on in-house guests.


  3. Trace daily VIP arrivals, review best guest report frequently,arrange to deliver VIP set up to guestroom in time, also should send VIPinformation to GM&DO to prepare VIP welcome cards, then place to assignedroom. Special focus pre-order information from best guest report and trace.


  4. Manages front office team member, resolves guestconcerns, and implements resolutions by using discretion and judgment.


  5. Leads and motivates team members by leading by exampleand employing competent and consistent management practices.


  6. Takes responsibility of the hotel as the DutyManager in the absence of the Assistant Front Office / Front Office Manager.


  7. Completes Night Shift Duties acting as the NightManager when he / she is not on duty.


  8. Actively takes part in training the team,facilitating formal training sessions and on the job training to ensure thatall team members are of the same standard. Also attends training where and whenrequired.


  9. Acts as a coach and mentor to team members,reinforcing standards and expectations and motivating team members to strivefor established targets.


  10. Maintains discipline amongst team members, ensuringconsistency in accordance with the team member handbook, Chinese Labour Law andHR guidelines. Distributes appropriate discipline when and where required.


  11. Conducts PDR’s, 1:1 meetings throughout the year,ensuring that the feedback given to team members is fair, unbiased and providesa platform for continued improvement, according to the Hilton standards.


  12. Is involved with succession planning anddevelopment of high potential team members to ensure that all team members aretrained to progress to the next level of their career.


  13. Contributes to the hotel and team by sharing newideas and suggestions for improvements, being innovative and creative toprovide quality service and customer care to team members and guests.


  14. Responsible for the smooth induction andfacilitation of training for new team members, ensuring that they are trainedto the minimum level standard and that they can competently complete their joband that they know what is expected of them.


  15. Creating a warm and welcoming arrival for guests,ensuring that they feel expected and immediately “at-home” when they arrive.


  16. Checking-in guests in accordance with theirreservation details, ensuring that the registration card is completed,reservation information confirmed, HHonours and Frequent Flyer Number enquiredabout, and method of payment secured.


  17. Ensuring that guests are escorted to their roomthat the hotel facilities and room features are explained, and that luggage isdelivered in a prompt manner.


  18. Handles complaints promptly and efficiently, takingthe necessary action, and informing the Guest Relations Manager for follow up,where appropriate. Follows up with all guests to ensure satisfaction withproblem resolution.


  19. Maintains awareness of guest’s profile and specificpreferences, ensuring that they are acted upon for each reservation.


  20. Acts as the first point of contact and liaison forVIP guests, ensuring that they are treated personally and recognized as anindividual. Keep communication with related department. Make sure all VIPs havea great in and out experience.


  21. Allocates rooms in accordance to the guestsreservation, preference and remarks, maintaining a systemized and sales focusedapproach to room inventory management.


  22. Promotes HHonours and its associated benefits toguests who are not already enrolled in the program. Ensures that existingHHonours members receive personal and professional service that recognizes themas important guests and that their benefits are received.


  23. Liaises with Sales, Reservations and the BusinessDevelopment team to handle corporate.


  24. Ensures that guests profiles and information isinput in to the Police Report system in a timely and accurate way.


  25. Applies Hilton Brand Standards in each and everyaction, acting as a role model and example of how the standards should becarried out in a practical setting.


  26. Has knowledge of the hotels facilities and servicesas well as basic knowledge of Hilton International, MEAP & other propertiesin China.


  27. Is up to date with information on facilities,attractions, places of interest, sights and activities in and around hotel.


  28. Ensures communication, coordination and cooperationbetween the front desk and other operating departments, specificallyHousekeeping, F&B and Accounts.


  29. Maintains the hotel systems to ensure accuracy ofinformation and data, and that it is easy to use and operated in an organizedand systemized way. Also Ensures that the Front Desk equipment and systems arefunctioning at all times, and that the area is maintained in a clean, tidy andorganized way.


  30. Passes on information effectively, ensuring that allnecessary details are communicated to the intended person and that any pendingaction is completed and guest satisfaction confirmed. Conducts daily briefings,shift handovers, attends meetings and effectively communicates information toteam members.


  31. Ensures that the Front Office Manager is kept awareand up to date of operational issues.


  32. Ensures that the day-to-day functions of the frontdesk are completed. Including but not limited to Guest Services Manager’schecklist, trace reports, credit limit checks, online back-up, allocation ofrooms, Lost Interface, Pay-Masters, Discount and rate discrepancies, andregistration cards.


  33. Checks Registration cards, meeting and functioninformation, billing instructions, financial records and reservation backup toensure that all information received is actioned upon.


  34. Completes reports where and when requested,ensuring that they are complete and delivered on time to the respected party.


  35. Keeps up to data and aware of competitor activitiesin order to be proactive and create market advantage.


  36. Adheres to the hotel selling strategy of Demand BasedPricing and maintains rate integrity by offering clear, transparent, and valuefor money rates to guests.


  37. Complies with Health & Safety, EmergencyManagement, disaster Manual, and Fire procedures and regulations. In theabsence of the Guest Relations Manager, is a part of the Fire Team ands takesaction accordingly.


  38. Acting Duty Manager in absence of the Duty Manager.


  39. Adheres strictly to standard cash handlingprocedures amongst team members, ensuring that all team members balance theirfloat and drop the required amount.


  40. Adheres to the company credit policy at all timeswhen handling cash, credit card transactions, city ledger, providing currencyexchange services, LPO and third party payments for rooms, meetings, F&Band any other charges that may be incurred by guests.


  41. Maintains safety deposit boxes, ensuring thatguests valuables are safe and secure at all times.


  42. Follows up on outstanding accounts to ensure noloss of revenue and secures method of payment for upcoming reservations.


  43. Maintains the efficiency of departure by checkingall guests folios to ensure accuracy of charges.


  44. Manages costs effectively by minimizing andcontrolling expenses.


  45. Managers and approves rebates, refunds anddiscounts where applicable.


  46. Maintains awareness of sales opportunities withinthe hotel, maximizing revenue in an ethical and responsible manner, ensuringthe guests receive value for money and adhering to Hilton Brand Standards.


  47. Adhere to the hotel’s security and emergencypolicies and procedures.


  48. The management reserves the right to change /extend this job description if necessary at any point of time during her / hisemployment.


  49. Carries out anyother reasonable duties and responsibilities as assigned.


  50. Make sure down timereport is done by on line save 2 hours per time. Reduce influence when Onq PMshut down suddenly.

    确保两小时存一次Down Time Report,降低系统突然出现问题所造成的影响。Specific Job Knowledge, Skill and Ability 工作技能技巧要求


    Ability to read,write, speak and understand the English language tocommunicate effectively with guests and employees.


    Ability toeffectively deal with internal and external customers, some of whom willrequire high levels of patience, tact and diplomacy to defuse anger, collectand analyze accurate information and resolve conflicts.


    Interpersonalskills to provide overall guest satisfaction.



    Required Qualifications必要的资历要求


  1. Excellent mathematical comprehension to understandand interpret numbers as they apply to operations in hotels.


  2. Thorough organization and supervisory skillsproficient in accomplishing the task.


  3. Ability to work under pressure and deal withstressful situations during busy periods.



    Preferred Qualifications 更高的资历要求:


  1. 3 or 5 years of related working experience is preferred.