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惠州金海湾喜来登度假酒店由“中国房地产上市公司 10 强之一的金融街控股股份有限公司投资兴建,由万豪国际酒店集团管理。惠州金海湾喜来登度假酒店,坐落于珠三角滨海风景最优美的惠州巽寮金海湾 一个坐拥 24 平方公里的疆域,16 公里原生海岸线,11 公里白色沙滩,60亩红树林,七山八湾十八景等美轮美奂的自然生态海湾。惠州巽寮金海湾即将成为以居住为核心,配有适度的高品质、互动式、知识型、文化级的海洋度假娱乐设施的美丽海湾。金融街控股股份有限公司致力于将金海湾开发成一个景观有序,交通便捷,设施完善,崇尚海洋生态和人文相融合,具有国际水准的滨海度假级生活区。
作为惠州巽寮金海湾上第一家国际品牌的度假酒店 -- 惠州金海湾喜来登度假酒店,位于惠州巽寮金海16公里海岸线上,占地10 公顷 ,总投资约 4 亿元人民币,建筑面积约 4 万平方米 ,共有客房 300 余套。是目前粤港澳地区规模,功能,品位皆称一流的豪华旅游度假酒店。酒店于2008 年5月投入试运营,现向社会全面招募符合标准的行业精英。我们提供具有竞争力的薪酬福利和完善的培训体系,从而达到团队的所有成员都敢于承担责任,为满足并超越宾客期望而共同努力。
Sheraton Huizhou Resort, owned by the investment from Financial Street Holding Co., LTD - one of “China Top 10 Listed Real Estate Companies”, Managed by Marriott international Hotels, Inc. Sheraton Huizhou Resort is situated in Oceania Point, Xunliao, Huizhou which has the most beautiful landscape in thePearl River Delta. This is a magnificent ecological bay covering an area of 24 sq. km, with a natural coastline of 16 km in length, a white sand beach of 11 km, mangrove of 60 mu, as well as many mountain and bay scenes. Financial Street Holding Co., LTD is committed to developing Oceania Point into a world class coastal resort-grade residential district with convenient transport, communication and overall infrastructure, integrating oceanic ecology and human culture. Oceania Point will soon become a beautiful residential bay, supported by high quality, interactive, knowledge-based and cultural oceanic resort and entertainment facilities.
Sheraton Huizhou Resort, the first international resort hotel in Oceania Point, is located along the white sandy beach of the bay, covering an area of 10 ha., with the building area of about 40,000 sqm. and incorporating 293 well-appointed guestrooms. It is the first luxurious tour and resort hotel in respects of the scale, functions and taste within Guangdong, Hong Kong and Macau. The Resort will be opening in May 2008, and now is recruiting qualified outstanding persons for all varieties of positions within the Resort.We will provide competitive remuneration and welfare, as well as a perfect training system, so that all members of the team are confident to assume responsibilities and strive to meet and exceed customer expectations.

We are looking for employees with the following characteristics and traits:

诚实, 真诚 Honest and Sincere
具备服务意识 Customer service oriented
自我激励 Self-motivated
灵活开放 Flexible and open-minded
追求目标 Persistent in pursuing goals
适应挑战 Adaptable to new and challenging environment

基本技能 Basic Skill:
Excellent at spoken and written English for management

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