职位:Fitness Center Supervisor 健身中心主管

  • 职位性质:全职
  • 工作地区:上海市闵行区
  • 招聘人数:1人
  • 学  历:不限
  • 工作经验:2年以上
  • 所 在 地:上海市
  • 户 籍 地:不限
  • 提供食宿:面议
  • 年龄要求:不限
  • 计算机能力:良好
  • 语言要求:英语(良好)
  • 国际联号工作经历:优先
  • 薪资待遇:5千-6千
  • 职位有效期:2019-09-18至2019-12-17



Principle Responsibilities & Position Purpose:



Verify and check all daily operating checklists and operating forms


Verify and maintain equipment inventories. Select, store, and issue equipment as needed.

核实和确保所有设备的 存货情况。

Attend daily roll call and monthly meeting, take notes and necessary action and distribute all information to fellow section team members concern


Update and input all necessary reports, fitness assessment, orientation workouts, pre plan programs into the necessary forms, folders and cabinets.


Assist and attend to all walks in members and hotel guests in your respective working area or section.


Assist and help any members or guests that requires any assistant in the gym or aerobic studio.


Attend to all walk in visitors, guests and telephone calls or inquires.


Handle all members or guest who breaks our rules and regulations of the club or membership.


Handle reservations regarding fitness assessment etc.…

根据健身中心的情况, 掌控预定的情况。

Handle all operating equipment, accessories, towels, etc.…

对一切设备,附件, 或者毛巾的 使用等等, 进行负责。

Check and maintain the cleanliness of all equipment on a daily basis.


Report to your immediate supervisor or manager regarding any issues

如遇任何问题 , 请向所造主管或者经理报告。

Co-operate with fellow team members and assist in any way.

与组员团结合作, 共同进退。

Daily communication between your section and other section regarding work related issues.

根据相关工作中的问题, 各部门之间要做好沟通。

Develops health and fitness programs for members and manages promotional activities in support of these programs.


Supervises personnel, which typically includes recommendations for hiring, firing, performance evaluation, training, work allocation, and problem resolution.

主管自身要以身作则,要对员工的雇佣, 培训, 工作表现和问题的解决给予自己的建议。

Develops and delivers a range of health, fitness, safety, CPR, and first aid courses to clients and staffs.


Develops record keeping procedures and manages appropriate department records in accordance with applicable regulations, policies, and standards.

对相关的管理和对部门相关管理的记录, 要全部符合国家的政策, 法规和标准要求。

To compile the gym, pool and attendant work schedule.


To schedule the staff on their workstations and assign specific tasks of the daily workload.

布置员工的工作岗位, 如有特殊工作安排, 要标明出来。

To complete all monthly reports on time.


To observe and evaluate staff on a regular basis and assist them in any way possible.


To co-operate with Senior Consultant on reservation and sales inquiries matters.

对一些预定和销售, 要和高级销售顾问, 合作协商。

Abide by the Lifestyle & Hotel code of conduct.


Abide by the Lifestyle & Hotel Employee Handbook.


Abide by the Lifestyle and Hotel policies and procedures.


Analyses, evaluates and improves personal performance on a continual basis.

分析, 评估,和提高自我的行为操守。

Carry out other tasks as directed by the head therapist.

对水疗主管分派的任务, 要坚决贯彻执行。

To conduct M.O.D duties diligently and effectively.


To report and give feedback to the spa manager if always in doubt pertaining on any matters.  



Essential Responsibilities:



Check on cleanliness and maintain fitness equipments.


Refer to the report schedule and follow up with relevant section supervisors, ensuring all reports are updated and handed to the manager on time.

结合其他部门主管的相关信息, 将部门的工作信息报告给部门经理。

Coordinates and oversees the implementation and operation of programs, including locating, programming, and scheduling of staff and facilities, and procuring equipment and materials.

对项目的操作和管理要及时调整,不断监察,包括位置,项目的内容, 员工, 设备,以及对设备和材料的购置状况。

Manage and upkeep the club and your section equipment and operating supplies.


To maintain a high level of supervision and staff discipline at all times.


To ensure that a consistent and high level of staff orientation and training is provided.


To ensure that communication meetings are held daily and as necessary.


To ensure that the Spa Manager is kept informed of all developments within the department.


To monitor customer feedback and advise the management where necessary.

关注客户的反馈, 必要的时候提出相关意见。

To monitor guest registration cards ensuring that they are properly completed.

关于客人的登记卡, 保证客人的登记被

Carry out other tasks as directed by the spa manager.

水疗经理分派的任务, 要坚决贯彻执行。

Follow instructions from your immediate superior, if you don’t agree to the instruction or have a better idea discuss with your superior after completing the instruction. If in doubt, always check with your immediate superior or manager.

按照部门主管的指导,落实具体的工作事宜, 如果对指导有不同意见的, 再指导完成候与部门主管讨论, 如有任何怀疑, 请立即与部门主管或者经理核实讨论。

Required to be at designated working place at all times unless you are on your lunch break or were given permission to be away from your working place.

在中午休息的时候可以允许离开自己的岗位, 其他时间,  务必坚守自己的岗位,不得擅自离岗。

You are also required to follow and abide according to all company policies and brand standards.


All information and materials are strictly confidential; YOU are not allowed to divulge any confidential information, which might cause detrimental effect to the company business.

所有信息, 资料, 要保密, 不允许擅自将资料和信息泄漏出去,对酒电造成不良影响。


Specific Job Knowledge, Skill and Ability:



To assist the manager in ensuring, administering and checking the day-to-day sales and operations of the Health Club.


Motivates sales staff to achieve sales goals


Conduct daily roll call or weekly communication meeting and attend daily operation meeting & internal department head meeting conducted by the manager.

在经理的指导下, 处理每天的来电,出席周例会,每天的会议小结,和部门内部负责人的相关会议。

University Graduate             


Min 2-3 years experience in Fitness, Spa or Hotel Health Club as Supervisor.


Excellent written and spoken Mandarin & English are a must.


Good computer skills with minimum requirement in use of Microsoft Windows 98 or higher, Microsoft Office 97 or higher, Internet and other popular software.

擅长使用电脑的的相关操作系统, 如WINDOWS 98,97或者更高,熟练掌握INTER网或者相关软件。

Good interpersonal & communication skills.


Ability to work independently and as a team.

在团队工作中, 能独立胜任工作。

The management reserves the right to change / extend this job description if necessary at any point of time during her / his employment.

如有必要 ,该部门有权更改或补充该职位描述。

Carries out any other reasonable duties and responsibilities as assigned.