The Stratford

Located within close proximity of the center of Chongqing’s Yongchuan District is “The Stratford”, which makes part of the Lailong Lake Ecological Park Development, which surrounds a gorgeous Lake.


Covering 3,000 acres, Lailong Lake Ecological Park is being developed in an integrated contemporary British style development that includes hospitality and leisure facilities, luxury residential areas and vocational and business facilities. The center of the development is “The Stratford”, which is the first internationally managed Club & Boutique Hotel in the region.


The “Chongqing Yuxi Mining Group” (the proprietor of the development) and Australia-based “Almeria Hotels, Resorts & Clubs” entered into a cooperation agreement whereby Almeria will operate “The Stratford” to high international standards. Almeria specializes in the management of luxurious private Clubs and Boutique Hotels; and it aims to position “The Stratford” at the top-end of the market in the Chongqing region.


“The Stratford” features 28 exquisitely appointed guest rooms and suites, either overlooking Lailong Lake or the hill-side swimming pool gardens. All rooms surround an internal courtyard in which a relaxing lounge is located.


“The Stratford” also offers the region’s finest dining and wining services, offering Chinese and International cuisine in its 19 private dining rooms; the British Pub, the High Tea lounge and the 250-seat sun-room. Naturally, “The Stratford” offers the latest audio-visual equipment to ensure meetings and seminars can be conducted in the most professional manner. During spring, summer and autumn, “The Stratford” also operates an open-air lake-side dining and entertainment venue which is unique to the region.


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The Stratford

Yongchuan District, Chongqing, China


重庆市永川区来龙湖生态园有限公司位于永川区境内南部,距永川主城区3公里,东接黄瓜山旅游景区,北邻重庆野生动物世界,极具区位优势,自然风光优美,占地面积达3000余亩。致力于将来龙湖生态园打造成为以优雅古典近代英伦风格, 高档旅游地产、休闲养生度假和职业教育产业为主,凸显山水林间格局的生态环境,集旅游、购物、运动、休闲、养生等多功能为一体的综合性旅游度假区。


2012年7月9日,重庆渝西矿业集团与澳大利亚铂雷蒂酒店业集团正式携手着力打造本项目。澳大利亚铂雷蒂酒店业集团于2002年4月创建于澳大利亚佩斯,并于2005年进入中国市场,是世界公认的私人俱乐部、精品俱乐部风格酒店及高端服务式俱乐部公寓开发及运营管理专家。总裁万吉伟更是被公认为“俱乐部行业之父”。目前,第一期工程精品酒店项目由澳大利亚铂雷蒂酒店管理公司专业管理并正式命名为“斯特拉福精品酒店” 。本酒店面积10000多平方米。酒店配套有高级特色中、西餐厅,并同时拥有可容纳250人用餐的阳光宴会厅,整个项目彰显出尊贵而精致优雅的英伦文化魅力。酒店的会议及宴会设施齐备,并配备先进高清多媒体等先进设备,以满足各类型的商务、悠闲、婚宴等会务活动。酒店还设有室外温泉泳池, 阳光英式茶座等康乐项目,我们以细致周到的专业管家式服务,给宾客们提供一个真挚尊贵而难忘的体验