AOLUGUYA is the sole forest culture themed hotel in China. AOLUGUYA is the pinnacle of the global famous hotel design company HBA. The brand concept and design inspiration were rooted in the most remote and mysterious branch of Ewenki—AOLUGUYA, which is the last hunting tribe in China. Aoluguya people lived in the vast birch forest in solitude, guarding the emerald sea of Great Khingan and Baelz River plain. AOLUGUYA initiate the living idea—”Hermit in the city”. Create original shrine in the city, providing a safe and warm shelter for guests that heavy with the fatigue of travel, here is the pure land of soul, here is a returned homeland.


敖麓谷雅AOLUGUYA酒店楼高216米, 层高43层,酒店是哈尔滨市乃至黑龙江省标志性建筑之一,是集住宿、餐饮、商务、大型婚宴、会议、宴会、休闲于一体的城市度假酒店,酒店外部景观运用大兴安岭元素,以山—林—鹿为主线设计,力求营造一种人与自然和谐相处的回归生活,与酒店返璞归真的内部装饰融为一体,着力打造一所充满原生态气息的城市度假酒店。

AOLUGUYA is 216m in height, with 43-storey layer,hotel is one of the landmark buildings in Harbin and even in Heilongjiang province, which integrates accommodation, catering, business, large weddings, conferences, banquets, and leisure. Exterior landscape adopts to the Great Khingan elements. Designed with the main line of mountain - forest – deer, and strive to create a harmony returned life between man and nature, blending with hotel natural interior decoration, and strive to create an city resort full of the original ecology atmosphere.



Sky Lobby Serene Lodge Unique decoration, materials derived from nature, rustic interpretation of luxury and exquisite charm. On the way of chasing after dream, on the way home, in the sky lobby of AOLUGUYA, you will enjoy the niceness and joyce with the mellow coffee and red wine. Here at the highest sky lobby in Harbin, you can handle check-in and check-out procedure.



Ø  房间平均面积60平方米以上,宽敞明亮,是哈尔滨酒店中房间面积之最;

Ø  房间内设有独立的开放式卫浴及双人特大浴缸,让您拥有自然舒适又不失现代的体验感;

Ø  全球知名的美国“舒达”妙扣弹簧床垫,安全舒适,还您一个深度睡眠;

Ø  取自天然花卉精华的欧舒丹浴品散发着自然的芬芳。

Hotel rooms named after unique residence of Ewenki– hunter hut, several birches form the frame, the bark being ceiling and wall. Ewenki dwell so poetically, AOLUGUYA bring you the poetic beauty in city. Every night falling asleep bathed in the water like starlight, every morning awake embracing the rosy dawn amongst the birch. The hotel has 328roomswith unique design style, panoramic windows take the scenery of Harbin in a glance, making your every stay a brand new feeling.

Ø  The average area of room is above 60 square meters, bright and spacious, which is the largest in Harbin.

Ø  Room equipped with an open observation deck and unique twin size large bathtub, providing you a natural, comfortable modern sense of the experience.

Ø  The world-renowned "Serta "bedding, safe and comfortable, providing you a deep sleep.

Ø  L'Occitane bath products deriving from natural flower essence exudes a natural fragrance.



All Day Dining Restaurant Lush Lilies Rosy Dawn Here is the place that lilies blossom, here is the piedmont that rosy dawn sprinkle, presenting you ten thousand kinds of amorous feelings at 44 degrees north latitude. The highest all day dining restaurant of Harbin locates on the 43rd floor. Here not only provides rich variety of nutrition food, but also offered personalized a la carte menu, delivering you warmth and caring of home.



Distinctive Steak House Ubugema · Blaze located on the 43rd floor of hotel, named after the most brave and generous hunter of AOLUGUYA. Original ecology Western-style foods suffuse an exquisite fragrance, engraving elaborately the tip of tongue memories for you.




Chinese Restaurant Gourmet Jungle, meaning the place of numerous mountain fruit, blueberries, plums in Ewenki, based on nature original flavor, we cook more delicious dishes than that of further north than latitude 50 degrees.


宴会厅敖鲁古雅•瑟宾森林中温暖的篝火化为旋转的华灯,1000平方米的宽敞大厅,挑高6.5米的无柱式空间设计,无论是小型的私人聚餐,还是贵宾云集的盛大酒会或晚宴,亦或是欢乐祥和的婚宴,这里都能满足您的需求。另有8间可自由分隔的多功能厅供您选择。一层独立的宴会厅入口及挑高13米宽敞的专属独立大堂,先进的设施配上专的服务,敖麓谷雅 AOLUGUYA将成为您宴会会议的不二选择。

Ballroom AOLUGUYA· Serbin, the warm bonfire in the forest turns to the rotating luxurious droplights, the 6.5 meters high and 1000 square meters spacious pillarless ballroom, no matter private dinner or grand banquet and evening party gathered with distinguished guests, even joyful wedding banquet, AOLUGUYA is your best choice. In addition, we provide 8 multi-function rooms which can be separated freely. There’s an independent ballroom entrance and 13 meters high spacious lobby on the first Floor. The advanced facilities coupled with professional service; there is no better choice than AOLUGUYA for your banquet and meetings



Executive Lounge Capacious Beauty: In the beautiful and Capacious Executive Lounge, you can overlook the fascinating view of Songhua River. If checking in executive room Hunter Hut · Woyun and above room type, guests can enjoy multiple exclusive treatment: free exclusive meeting rooms、free afternoon tea、free happy times.



Coffee Bar Ormosia located on the first and second Floor. In the place full of wild fruit and ormosia in Ewenki language, you can taste the pure coffee from all around the world, the perfume of carefully cooked coffee suffuses every corner, making every guest linger, returning to the nature.



High quality Genhe · Wetland SPA, follow the ancient rules of natural health, based on the origin of life energy, bringing you a brand new spa experience;10 private rooms named by Ewenki's surrounding rivers. Each room is adopted with efficient sound insulation materials and ultra-silent treatment. The quiet space, make your dreams flow into beautiful wetland accompanying with the streams.



Swimming Pool: The swimming pool with sun lounge invite you to enjoy the fun of swimming, in the rippling water, delivering your thoughts to the clouds, making your body and mind return to the nature; Male and female bath area both have sauna room and spacious comfortable heated Jacuzzi. It is the best place to do exercise and relax yourself.


健身房240平方米的健身房坐拥都市美景,视野开阔,景色怡人; 瑜伽室沐浴在明媚的阳光中,伴随着安抚身心的森林之音,让您尽享惬意时刻。

Fitness Center is more than 240 square meters spacious area, with expand vision and pleasant scenery; Yoga Room bathed in sunny accompanied by soothing forest music and making you enjoy pleasant moments.


自由之旅 诚挚的邀请您成为“我的部落”忠诚卡会员,在您入住酒店期间,为您免费提供车辆使用。回归路上,载着旷野的长风,追梦途中,陪你放牧自由的童心。

Freedom Journey: Sincerely invite you to join our "my tribe" loyalty card members, during you stay in the hotel, we provide free vehicle for you to use. On the way home, the car carrying a wilderness of wind, on the way to chase your dreams, accompany you to graze your free childishness.


机场接待大堂 敖麓谷雅AOLUGUYA在哈尔滨太平国际机场设立了接待大堂,为您卸下仆仆风尘,在这里,您可以办理入住、退房及会员免费车辆使用手续,开启冰城夏都第一站的快捷行程。

Airport reception lobby: AOLUGUYA set a reception lobby in Harbin Taiping international airport, discharging the hardships of travel for you, here, you can handle check-in, check-out and member free vehicle use formalities, open the first station of your express trip in ice city.



AOLUGUYA located in the core area of Technological Innovation City in Songbei District,No.800 Innovation Road3, where is the center of business, technology, tourism in Harbin. The geography can be described as abound in gifts of nature. Hereby you can stay at home overlook the charming Songhua River, and the particular Snowflake Garden, overview the largest indoor ski slope, allowing you to enjoy the infinite charm of Harbin , and the nature , warmth, mystery and delicacy of AOLUGUYA.





The hotel locates in a transportation hub, endowed with convenient transportation, the hotel is about 35km from Harbin Taiping International Airport, drive no more than 30 minutes, 15km from Harbin Railway Station, 18km to Harbin West Railway Station, about 20 minutes drive. Hotel provides airport and railway station pick-up service. You can book vehicle in advance according to different demands.





The location of AOLUGUYA is richly endowed by nature. The distance from hotel to the world of ice and snow, the sun island, snow exposition, Harbin International Beer Festival, Siberian Tiger Park, Polar Museum, Science Museum, City Hall, and Maple Leaf town Outlets Style Park just about10 minutes’ drive; Wanda cultural tourism city can be reached within walking distance, the Gold River Wetland Park in close proximity, cherish the Hulan River cultural memory of Xiao Hong’s former residence and the Kanto Ancient Alley also just a short drive away. In addition hotel also freely offers shuttle service to Ice and snow world (winter) ,Central Avenue, Sofia Church and other famous scenic spots. 

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