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Introduction to Hotel Éclat Beijing  北京怡亨精品酒店介绍

Hotel Éclat Beijing, nestled in the apex of the building, is the newest offering of Parkview’s experience of creating luxury hotel with hotels in Taiwan, Hong Kong, Singapore, the French Riviera and China. Hotel Éclat Beijing is designed to strike a fine balance between contemporary art, luxury, privacy and the highest standards of service.
位于Parkview Green芳草地顶层的精品酒店 – 北京怡亨精品酒店,整合了侨福集团在中国大陆、台湾、香港、新加坡及法国蔚蓝海岸等地多年的奢华酒店运营管理经验. 北京怡亨精品酒店的设立是为了达成当代艺术、尊荣气度,私密空间及卓越服务品质完美的结合。

Consists of 100 keys, these individually designed rooms & suites, offer a full pampering choices of amenities to match different tastes. 20 Pool suites will have their own private jetted swim spas, terraced gardens, all protected under the building’s clear ETFE roof.  

2 very refined outlets and 24-hour Club Lounge will allow clients to be able to indulge high quality of food & beverage experience.
2 间特色餐厅及全天候的会所带給客人的是最上乘的珍品美味, 留下极致的愉悅。

The 1200 square-meter Éclat Presidential Suite is set to become “the” address in Beijing, for private functions, exclusive product launches, or simply a fantastic ultra luxurious experience, as guests will be pampered by the Hotel’s personal butlers, exquisite private dining experience and more…
Indeed, a very different and fresh boutique hotel in Beijing CBD area.
面积高达到1200平米的怡亨总统套房可视为在北京的标志性场所,作为私人聚会、专属产品发布或是单纯享受极致的奢华, 因为这里提供私人管家服务、优雅的私属用餐体验,而且还有更多……  事实上,一个非同寻常的全新概念的精品酒店正在中央商务地区崛起。

Parkview Green Fang Cao Di  侨福芳草地项目介绍

Parkview Green Fang Cao Di, the latest investment in China for Chyau Fwu Groups costs more than ¥20 billion. It is a pioneer project which advocates saving energy and offering healthy working environment.
侨福芳草地是集团在中国的最新投资项目, 这是一个耗资20多亿人民币,旨在提倡节能并提供健康工作空间的先驱工程。

The building comprises four inter-connected blocks that sits within a transparent envelope, which acts as a protective cover to control the micro-climate of the project. Using sustainable systems, the building fully exploits the temperate climate during spring and autumn and uses cutting edge technology to control the extreme seasons with minimal energy consumption and environmental impact.
项目由四栋高低错落的建筑和其上用于保护并控制建筑内部小气候的透明环保罩组成。由于环保罩的运用,楼宇内部空间独立的小气候环境在保证了整体建筑恒温恒湿的同时,巧妙降低了建筑自身的能源消耗, 提高了能源的最大化利用,从而充分彰显出侨福芳草地的节能环保特点。

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