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Located in the farthest part of southern mainland China, in the southwest of Guangdong province, Zhanjiang is also part of Leizhou Peninsula. Across the Qiongzhou Channel, to the south of the city, lies the Hainan province.

Sheraton Zhanjiang, managed by Marriott International and invested by Guangdong Minda group, is an upper upscale hotel with distinctive local culture, she is located at the beach of Zhanjiang Chikan district, reflects brightly with Haiwan bridge and becomes image of Zhanjiang.

The hotel has 430 spacious rooms, overlooking the sea, you can feel the pleasant, relaxing atmosphere from the moment you step into the lobby of Sheraton Zhanjiang Hotel. Convenient communication systems will take the hassle out of any work. The hotel has helicopter tarmac so guests can arrive and stay directly. It next to shopping mall as well as 20 minutes to Zhanjiang airport.

Whether it is a business trip or purely for vacation, Sheraton Zhanjiang Hotel will provide all your stay will need for an enjoyable experience.

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